Duck Hunting Tips for 2017

Duck hunting tips and tricks can be useful and beneficial. It is important to know where to find the most ducks.

It is important to have the best hunting techniques to achieve the goal of killing a duck. These tips and tricks will help you understand what to do and what not to do when beginning to duck hunt.

Duck Hunting Tips and Tricks

  • One important trick to productive duck hunting is camouflage. You will want to use a camouflage cord to help disguise you and your boat. If you can hide in deep dark vegetation, it would be helpful.
  • Ducks can get easily spooked. Being able to cover your boat and yourself in camouflage and camouflage cord is a good option to use. The cord will help to hold the brush in place to keep you hidden.
  • Duck hunting is often done in icy waters. It is a good idea to break the ice and make a place to nestle down. Move the broken ice slabs under the solid ice. This will give the area a natural appearance. The ducks will notice if the ice is broken into sections and will avoid the area.
  • The ducks will often migrate in the early morning hours. Stay and wait for them to flock together and rest on the water. This is a good time to shoot a duck because they are normally all together taking a rest.
  • Set the duck blind in a spot that will force the ducks to cross the path of you. This will make it easier to shoot a duck. The duck will be less suspicious if they do not see you.

Duck Hunting Tips for Beginners

  • A first-time duck hunter should understand the object of duck hunting. When a duck hunter understands the movements of the ducks, they will have a better chance to kill one. The first important factor is to know what kind of camouflage to use when duck hunting.
  • You will need to figure out where you are going to be duck hunting. Your camouflage needs to match the surroundings that you are going to be located in. If you're using a blind, then camo is not going to actually be needed.
  • The second factor to understand is to hunt properly and accurately. If you have never hunted before, find someone who has. Go with them to learn the proper hunting techniques before going alone. A good hunter is responsible and knows how to handle a weapon.
  • The third factor in good duck hunting is locating the flock of ducks. Scout different areas to locate the ducks. The ducks will have a place they live, a place to eat, and a place to be lazy and rest. Once you know where these locations are, then you will have a better chance at shooting a duck.

Late Season Duck Hunting Tips

  • Late season duck hunting may have different techniques to use in order to locate ducks. Try going to a location that has bigger bodies of water. The river is a good place to locate ducks during the late season.
  • Do not call a duck too much during the late season. The ducks will fly in circles to find the location of the call. If a duck is flying away from you, call a little bit. Do not overdo the calling or they will spot you out. Keep the coming towards you if they start to fly away. Only use the call to get their attention.
  • Make a whole in the ice. Keep the flowing water open. The duck will fly and see the open water. When the duck sees the water, he will come to it. You will then be able to shoot the duck.

Wood Duck Hunting Tips

  • Wood duck hunting is similar to other duck hunting. You will want to find a good place to sit and watch the ducks. Being able to watch the ducks will help you get a better shot. It is not a good idea to use a bunch of duck decoys because these ducks do not stay in large flocks.

If you use a call on a wood duck, they often come to the call. They will not go across a bunch of water. They will walk the beach or shoreline to the call if they can get to it.

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