Deer Hunting Tips for 2017

Deer hunting tips can help you become more successful when hunting a deer. These tips will help you to understand the best techniques that need to be used in order to get the most deer.

The tips below will help you find the best option for killing the most deer. These suggestions are for a variety of different deer hunting that is done across the globe.

Follow these pointers and you will be better prepared in killing the deer instead of watching it run away.

Whitetail Deer Hunting Tips

  • Whitetail Deer are smart animals and can smell a human’s scent. It is recommended to shower and use a soap that is fragrant free. Do not get an odor on your hunting clothes before getting in the woods.
  • You can pack your hunting clothes in dirt or leaves to blend in with the environment in which the deer live.
  • During the peak season, it is a good idea to emerge a rag or cloth in estrous. The buck will follow the scent and come right to you. The deer will smell the odor and think that a doe is close by.
  • The best way to eliminate any type of odor on you is to use it once you reach the deer stand. You can apply before walking through the woods. It works better to use the odor eliminator once you reach your stand.
  • If you are hunting during wet weather, it is recommended to place electrical tape over the end of your gun to keep out moisture. You can shoot through the piece of tape. The tape will not hurt gun such as a muzzle loader.
  • On a windy day, you can apply a deer odor or scent so that the wind catches the smell. This will help to attract the deer and give off a deer odor.

Mule Deer Hunting Tips

  • To find the most mule deer hide in the thickness of the woods. The deer will normally stay away from wide open areas during the hunting season. It makes sense to hide with the deer.
  • You will have a better chance of shooting a mule deer when you are hiding with them.
  • A good place to locate the most mule deer is on terrain that is less traveled. This may mean that you have to backpack your way up and down hills to get to the best location.
  • It will pay off because the deer are also thinking the same thing. They want to survive and will head to areas that are less dangerous.
  • A lower area is another great place to be located when hunting mule deer. Take a look down the hill and see if you spot any brushy areas that a deer may hide or bed down. Go to those lower places and hide among the brush to find a mule deer.
  • Many people pass these areas up, which makes it a good location to blend in with your surroundings.
  • Use the best optical equipment when hunting mule deer. You will want to be able to see far distances and through thick areas for deer. Most of the time the deer are not going to wander around in plain view.

Late Season Deer Hunting Tips

  • When hunting during late season, it is good to use food. Deer are going to go where the food is. Set up different types of food to attract the deer. If you do not have any deer food that is fine.
  • Find a food source in the woods that the deer are eating. Watch that location and plan the attack. You can use cameras to help you understand what the deer are eating there.
  • Many of the late season deer hunters know that the best way to tag a deer is to track it. Follow the tracks and poop to get your big buck that you have aimed to snag.
  • The tracking method has been used by hunters for centuries and it is a smart way to find the deer and their hideouts.
  • Another option to late season hunting is to watch, spot, and move. Watch the food source carefully. When the buck comes in to eat, watch the direction that he is going when he leaves. Then try to cut him off and move in for the kill.
  • Find where the deer are bedding down. Once the spot is located you can move in. This can be hard to do because the deer are able to detect movement and sound easily. Once you have made it to the deer, then it is time to ambush.

Post Rut Deer Hunting Tips

  • Post rut deer hunting can be tricky. First, you can watch the food supply heavily to determine the deer routine and feeding happen during this period. Once you have watched them, you can figure out their routine habits.
  • The deer will feed more if it is colder weather. It if is warmer weather the bucks may not feed as much. You can go right after them.
  • During colder weather, a buck may find a good bedding spot close to the food supply. Watch the weather in advance to determine how you need to hunt during this time period.
  • If warmer weather is going to be present, then many bucks will sleep farther away from their food. They will find a place that has a little action, such as a quiet pasture or fielded area. Hunt with the weather pattern and you find your deer.
  • Rut tactics can still be useful in the post-rut season. This does not mean that the bucks and does are done the breeding. They may slow down but are still active.
  • The doe will still come to the bucks until they all have had their turn breeding. If you use the rut tactics, the bucks can still be caught.

Deer Hunting Tips for Beginners

  • First-time deer hunters need to understand that if you want a deer, you need to get up early. In order to get up early, you need to go to bed earlier in the evening.
  • Deer’s do not wait for you to wake up at noon before running through the woods. They are early risers and early sleepers. Know the habits of the deer that you want to find.
  • In order to shoot a deer, you will need to be in the woods. You are not going to find a deer looking out the café door or at the mall. It is important to find a good place to hunt. Once you have found a good place to hunt, then it is important to sit and wait.
  • Do not make a lot of noise in the woods. You will scare the deer out of that location. Deer can hear every little noise and will avoid you like the plague.
  • Wear layers of clothing. It may be colder in the morning and evening. If you’re hunting during the day as the temperature warms up, you can shed some clothing. Once the sun goes down and the temperature drops, you can put more clothes on.

Early Season Deer Hunting Tips

  • Early season deer hunting tips are not too hard to understand. Often times a deer will feed in the corn fields during this time of year. Find a corn field and hide.
  • Wait for the bucks to start eating the corn and come up with a good shooting spot. Use the corn to hide you from the deer. When the time is right, take your shot.
  • Scan the treetops and find the acorn trees. Many deer choose acorns for a food supply. Once you find those trees, you can sit and wait patiently. The deer will come to those trees to eat the acorns for a tasty food source.
  • Use a décor deer to attract other deer. When a bunch of deer walks into a pasture or field, they flock to the first arrival. This is a good way to have a variety of deer’s to choose from in the group.
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